Colorado Van Association, est. 1973 - and still going strong!

In the beginning:

From Colorado Van News, June 1999

Reprint from VaNews magazine, May 1975:

  The Colorado Van Association was started in December, 1973 by a group of guys who felt it would be beneficial to the Colorado van movement to have more than one club in the Denver area.  This move would help create competition at auto shows, local events, truck-ins and rallies.

  The Charter Members that met at Denny's Restaurant the first night made up some guide lines for C.V.A.;  these members were Al Romero, Dave Cox, Mark Madrill, Andre Roy and Dick Hug.  The name "Colorado Van Association" was arrived at and we were on our way.

  Al Romero was appointed temporary President and Dave Cox temporary Vice-President until the club grew large enough to hold regular elections.  At that time Dave Cox became President, Tom Bowen became Vice-President, and Al Romero became C.V.A.s Public Relations Man - while continuing as NSVA Colorado Representative.  Clint Dizmang became Treasurer and Dede Bowen was elected Secretary.

  The Colorado Van Association held their new elections on January 21, 1975 - and we are proud to announce that Tom Bowen is our new President.  Other officers are: Merle Means - Vice-President; Cal Landess - Treasurer; and Marilou Means (Lil' Taters) - Secretary.  I feel that we have made some very excellent choices, and wish our officers a very successful 1975.  As usual, C.V.A. will back their officers 100%!

  The first full year of C.V.A.s existence (1974) has been a full year of organization and planning.  We have accomplished a lot, including the addition of our club newspaper - Colorado Van News.  We hope that the paper will bring the area clubs as well as many different clubs throughout the country closer to Colorado.

  The Colorado Van Association has a good start in the Rocky Mountain area, and hopes to continue growing and become one of the main contributors to the growth of the van movement in Colorado and surrounding states. 

                                                                                                   AL Romero

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